Solo Exhibition

2018               More of the Same                                Viridian Gallery
2015               Sigh and Do Nothing                           The Fall Tattooing and Artist's Gallery

Group Exhibitions

2019                Discovery                                             Seymour Art Gallery

2018                Text Me                                                W+ K Gallery, Tokyo Japan

2015                Robots and Monsters                          Ayden Gallery

2015                It's a Sheep Show                                Hot Art Wet City

2015                Undiscovered Stars                              Linzy Arnott Fine Art

2014                Revenge of the Art Show                     Hot Art Wet City

2014                Carded                                                 Hot Art Wet City

2013                International Mail Art Exhibition           Richmond Art Gallery

2013                Front Lines                                           Leo Koo Gallery

2013                Art Party                                               Seymour Art Gallery

2011                International Mail Art Exhibition           Richmond Art Gallery

2011                Parallel Minds                                       Lansdowne Centre, Richmond

2010                Artist Trading Card Exhibition               Richmond Art Gallery

2010                To the Institution of My Faculties          Dorothy Somerset Studios, UBC

2010                Fete 2010                                              Lansdowne Centre, Richmond

2010                The Big O                                              Anza Club, Vancouver

2009                Doublethink                                           Koerner Library, UBC

2009                Art at Large                                           Lansdowne Centre, Richmond

2009                WEAREART                                          AMS Gallery, UBC

2009                dogsdinner                                            AMS Gallery, UBC

2008                Thumbsucker                                        Irving K Barber Library, UBC

2008                Hide and Seek                                       Meekison Lounge, UBC

2008                Midnight Press                                      AMS Gallery, UBC

2012                Bluecanvas Magazine                          Issue 14

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